Summer 2022

The Farm

Dewey cannabis

The Dewey team is gaining notoriety for creating unique and curated experiences with sustainably grown, pesticide-free cannabis products.

Meet the Farmer

The Oil

Full-bud Delight

Dewey Cannabis Company's relentless chase of unique chemistry lends itself to a delightfully sweet experience in taste and feel. VOLUME is processed by the chemistry team at Heylo.

The Art

An artists vision, brought to life

“an all-around feel-good experience, super mellow and euphoric....”

Meet the Artist


How do you volume 4?

We can tell you what it's like to experience VOLUME 4, but it's better left said to the community who has enjoyed this limited-edition product. The mic is now yours, chime in, or read along as you discover other's journeys.

Community Connection
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Made with love by Heylo in Seattle, Washington.


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