We're connecting people to cannabis in a new way.

About Volume Cannabis

Cannabis concentrates are broken. Products on the shelf don't resemble the chemistry of the flower. Cannabis farmers have no say in the extraction process - users have no insight into how their product was grown. Everything looks the same, and tastes like... cotton candy? Cherry soda? Not cannabis.

VOLUME connects you to cannabis in novel ways. With VOLUME you learn the life and effects of your cannabis oil at a deep level and take part in a collective journey to understand, and share the story of a limited-release product. Along the way, we elevate the farmer and the artist chosen to design the one-of-a-kind package.

When a VOLUME is gone, it's gone.

VOLUME is built on a simple idea of expressing the ephemeral nature of cannabis. The truth of cannabis is that its chemistry is ever-changing. No two cannabis plants, even of the same strain (chemovar) grown in similar environments, will have the exact same chemistry. If you consider multiple growing environments and plant phenotypes you have a recipe for chemical diversity. That’s not a bad thing – but the takeaway is that cannabis endlessly adapts and changes. 

Consider wine – year to year, varietals change drastically. Cannabis has chemical complexity much like wine and is immensely affected by changes in its environment. Each strain (chemovar) of cannabis has many potential phenotypes, feeding the potential array of chemical diversity in the flower. 

VOLUME tells the story of your cannabis oil, from the farm, through the chemistry, to your community. Any given VOLUME can be shaped by you. With each oil we invite you to share your story with the product with our community.

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Made with love by Heylo in Seattle, Washington.


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