The Farm

Sky High Gardens

When it comes to a company with its roots in the right place, it doesn't get better than Sky High Gardens of Seattle, WA. This ever-evolving craft grower in the heart of the city produces some of the top colas in the state, all under sustainable LEDs!

Meet the Farmer

The Oil

Full-bud Delight

Five of the most-popular chemovars grown by Sky High Gardens were blended into luscious mix prior to a long, slow extraction. VOLUME is processed by the chemistry team of Heylo Cannabis.

The Art

An artists vision, brought to life

“I love using it to explore dancing and music. Basically anything that gets me into a flow...”

Meet the Artist


How do you volume 2?

We can tell you what it's like to experience VOLUME 2, but it's better left said to the community who has enjoyed this limited-edition product. The mic is now yours, chime in, or read along as you discover other's journeys.

Community Connection
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Made with love by Heylo in Seattle, Washington.


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